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The MDG Achievement Fund supported 130 Joint Programmes in 50 countries across five regions of the world.These were formulated within the eight programme areas that characterized the work of the MDG Fund.

You can find below a list of 31 Joint Programmes, sortable by MDG-F thematic window as well as by country.

Joint Programmes - Full List

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Countries Joint Programmes Thematic Windows
Afghanistan Afghanistan: Feeding the Children of Afghanistan Together Children, Food Security and Nutrition
Afghanistan Feeding the Children of Afghanistan Together Children, Food Security and Nutrition
Afghanistan Strengthened Approach for the Integration of Sustainable Environmental Management into the ANDS/PRSP Environment and Climate Change
Albania Economic governance, regulatory reform, public participation, and pro-poor development in Albania Democratic Economic Governance
Angola Governance of Water and Sanitation in Angola’s Poor Neighbourhoods Democratic Economic Governance
Bosnia and Herzegovina Securing Access to Water through Institutional Development and Infrastructure Democratic Economic Governance
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mainstreaming environmental governance: linking local and national action Environment and Climate Change
China The China Climate Change Partnership Framework Environment and Climate Change
Colombia Integration of ecosystems and adaptation to climate change in the Colombian Massif Environment and Climate Change
Ecuador Governance in the water and sanitation sector in Ecuador within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals Democratic Economic Governance
Ecuador Conservation and Sustainable Management of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve Environment and Climate Change
Egypt Climate Change Risk Management in Egypt Environment and Climate Change
Ethiopia Enabling pastoral communities to adapt to climate change and restoring rangeland environments Environment and Climate Change
Guatemala Capacity Building amongst the Mam People in Economic Water and Sanitation Governance Democratic Economic Governance
Guatemala Strengthening Environmental Governance in the face of Climate Risks in Guatemala Environment and Climate Change
Honduras Economic Governance of Water and Sanitation Democratic Economic Governance
Jordan Adaptation to Climate Change to Sustain Jordan’s MDG Achievements Environment and Climate Change
Mauritania Mainstreaming Local Environmental Management in the Planning Process Environment and Climate Change
Mexico Establishing effective and democratic water and sanitation (W&S) management in Mexico to support the achievement of the MDGs Democratic Economic Governance
Mozambique Environment Mainstreaming and Adaptation to Climate Change Environment and Climate Change
Nicaragua Democratic economic governance in the Water and Sanitation sector in the RAAN and RAAS Democratic Economic Governance
Nicaragua Local and regional environmental management for the management of natural resources and provision of environmental services Environment and Climate Change
Panama Strengthening equity in access to safe drinking water and sanitation by empowering citizens and excluded indigenous groups in rural areas Democratic Economic Governance
Panama Entrepreneurial Opportunities Network for Poor Families Development and the Private Sector
Panama Integration of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Measures in the Management of Natural Resources in Four Priority Watersheds Environment and Climate Change
Paraguay Strengthening the ability to define and apply water and sanitation policies Democratic Economic Governance
Peru Integrated and adaptive management of environmental resources and climatic risks in High Andean micro-watersheds Environment and Climate Change
Philippines Enhancing Access to and Provision of Water Services with the Active Participation of the Poor Democratic Economic Governance
Philippines Strengthening the Philippines’ Institutional Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change Environment and Climate Change
Senegal Expanding access to environmental finance - Reversing the decline in forest ecosystem services Environment and Climate Change
Turkey Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change Environment and Climate Change
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