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Please provide a 3-4 paragraph short description of what was learned and why this experience could be applied or should be avoided in future and in what context it could be applied and/or replicated.

Purpose of the activity

Describe the objective/ purpose of the activity that is the scope of the lesson learned. (What was the purpose of this activity?)

Original issue addressed by the activity

Wheat is the most widely cultivated cereal crop worldwide. Durum wheat has a special place in Mediterranean region. In Jordan, durum wheat widely cultivated by several farmers. Those landraces considered as framers subsistence and rely on them as a food source. Climatic changes become the first threat factor for those landraces. Changes in the amount of annual rainfall and its distribution and temperature fluctuations have a great role affect on the productivity of the field crops across in the rained areas of Jordan where cereal crops are grown. Nowadays, studies including the studying of the effects of climate change on genetic resources mainly wheat landraces are becoming a priority. Landraces that are well adapted to environmental conditions and can easily survive the harsh climatic conditions in the country are the focus of this project. Increasingly landraces are being replaced by modern cultivars which are less resilient to pests, diseases and a biotic stresses and thereby losing a valuable source of germplasm for meeting the future needs of sustainable agriculture in the context of climate change.

Strategy chosen to address the issue

Collection of different landraces was undertaken to collect the durum wheat landraces. The results from previous surveys as well the knowledge of local communities were used to spot the regions where the species is found and cultivated. The survey and collection process covered all regions of the country where wheat is grown.

The second step will be testing and evaluating of the collected landraces in NCARE Stations and Farmers Fields . After the evaluation process promising landraces for multiplication purposes and distribution to farmers will be conducted to ensure sustainability of the best adapted landraces under the impact of Climate Change

Implementation of the strategy

Describe in 3-4 paragraphs the steps taken to implement the strategy/ approach. (Include successes, challenges and any innovations that were applied)

Challenges and Innovations

Describe any results and/or impacts achieved, positive or negative.

Results and Impacts

Turkia Alsaqqar, a woman farmer in Sakhra region, cultivated this wheat variety and started a small home business selling wheat byproducts and wheat seeds for farmers. She and her family are applying quality assurances procedure in screening the seeds and selecting the best seeds for seeds multiplication.

- Twenty farmers are already trying this variety in their fields. - A dietitian is working on the products of this variety to produce nutritious balanced diet . - One wheat mill is trying this variety in producing high value diet flour and wheat groat as well as macaroni. - Five women farmers started producing byproducts.

Next Steps

Distributing to farmers the seeds of this important promising variety that is adapted to climate change conditions in Jordan. This is part of programme that aims at reaching out further to rural communities that grow wheat in rainfed areas. It is anticipated that this will contribute in generating income and improve quality of life of rural communities in the country.

Potential replication / application

Please describe briefly the potential application of this lesson to programming beyond the original context. (Is the lesson meaningful enough to guide practice in other contexts (e.g. nationally, regionally etc.)? Who would likely be interested in this lesson, and what kind of information/evidence would they like to see?)

Information products

Please list (and attach where possible) any publication, web reference, other information product linked to the lesson.


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