Securing Access to Water through Institutional Development and Infrastructure

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To address the objectives of this thematic window within the context of BH, the proposed joint program must focus on 3 levels of stakeholders: the rights holders (the citizenry), the service providers (utilities), and the duty-bearers (governments). The general problems in the area of water supply require a program addressing the issues of public participation in decision making, capacities, and monitoring and analysing data at multiple levels. The following 3 objectives are designed to achieve this necessary synergy: 1. to improve the inclusion of citizens in decision-making processes; 2. to improve the economic governance of water utilities while sensitizing consumers to pay their bills; and 3. to increase the capacities of governments for evidence-based policy making and resource planning. The expected benefits will contribute to the achievement of BH UNDAF Outcome 2, “Improved access to and quality of basic education, health and social protection services”, and MDGs 1, 4,5, 6 and 7.

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Main Outcomes

Strengthened inclusion of citizens in the participative municipal governance of Water access. Improved economic governance in water utility companies for better services to citizens in targeted municipalities. Strengthened capacity of government for evidence-based policy making and resource planning for equitable water related service provision.

Main Achievements

  • 13 Municipal Management Boards established, of which 6 transformed into permanent Municipal Commissions. 13 Action Plans addressing gaps in social protection system developed and adopted. 10 Participatory Action Groups and 13 Participatory Action Research Groups consisting of local school children created.
  • Study on water supply sector produced and findings incorporated into water sector Master Plans. 10 Water Supply Studies in development.
  • DevInfo databases installed in each municipality. Numerous capacity developments carried out.

Valuable Experiences

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