Mainstreaming Climate Change adaptation in District Strategic Plans

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Purpose of the activity

Chicualacuala District Strategic Development Plan - As mainstreaming climate change adaptation is one of project outcome, the decentralized planning is in process across the country, and the integration of crosscutting issues in this plans is one of priority for the planners. Considering this initial situation the integration of climate change adaptation issues in district strategic plans, the elaboration and production of a guideline to guarantee the replication of the process all over the country become one of the purposes of the activity.

Original issue addressed by the activity

There was, and still having in the country different programs focused on the integration of cross cutting issue, not only in the district strategic development plans, but, to mainstreaming this issues within all planning process at central and decentralized level. The process to the elaboration of this plans is characterized to be territorial, strategic, participative, integrated, multi-sectoral and favors local dialogue - with community participation through the institution of community Participation and Consultation (IPCC), that government and its partners created and trained during the last decade

During 2009 the Programme of Decentralized Planning and Financing (PPFD)in Gaza Province was elaborating the Chicualacuala District strategic plan. The Technical Secretariat of Food Security and Nutrition was working in a guideline to integrate food security and nutrition in district strategic plan, and Chicualacuala was one of their pilot site. This two events create an opportunity, to this joint programme work in integration of climate change adaptation in district strategic plan.

Strategy chosen to address the issue

Considering that the planning process in the district is participative and the theory that the climate vulnerability and adaptation capacity are better detected at local level and the existence of participative tools for vulnerability assessment, become cleared that the better strategy to integrate climate change adaptation issues within the district strategic development plans was to adapt the CRISTAL – Community Based Risk Screening Tools – Adaptation and Livelihood to the methodology/process used to elaborate the District strategic plans and elaborate a guideline, to be used by the district and provincial planning team, to integrate climate change adaptation in district strategic plans.

Implementation of the strategy

The process started in the third quarter of 2009 with the hiring of a District Planning National Consultant, to follow up all process and produce a guideline. Provincial planning technicians have been trained on climate change adaptation concerns and tools to vulnerability assessment based in community consultation. A survey for vulnerability assessment held in 10/2009 resulted in a report on vulnerability appraisal and adaptation to climate change and in policy note on climate change adaptation to advice District Government. These documents were prepared by an IUCN consultant. Also in 2009 a document on the “Integration of Climate Change Adaptation in PEDD – A Contribution to the Chicualacuala PEDD”, was elaborated, based in the two first documents. The latter was presented first to the district council and second to the district and provincial planning teams in order to collect their contribution to the Guideline – This work was done in coordination with SETSAN (Secretariado Técnico de Segurança Alimentar), that was working with integration of Food Security and Nutrition in district plan presented to the District Council. In the first quarter of 2010 the District Planning National Consultant finished the elaboration of the guideline to integrate climate change in district strategic plans. The document were translated, a LAYOUT of the Portuguese and English versions was designed and 240 copies of the Portuguese version were reproduced. After that a workshop to simulate the use of the guideline took place with the participation provincial planning team. After the simulation the provincial planning team went to Chicualacuala district to take part of the “participative planning workshop”, where they presented the guideline to the community leaders and district planning team. There was some challenges during the elaboration of the guideline, the first was to make it useful for all Mozambique district, that are located in different agro ecological zone. The second one that was not exceeded yet, was the elaboration of a unique guideline that help the planning team, to assess, analyze and integrate climate adaptation issues and other cross cutting issues in district strategic plan. During the process of elaborating the manual the consultant gave assistance to the provincial planning team revising the Chicualacuala PEDD, ensuring that the issues raised in the vulnerability appraisal report and other sub-reports were properly integrated into the plan.

Results and impacts

Chicualacuala District Strategic Development Plan integrate climate change adaptation issues.

Next steps

The Ministry of planning and development in partnership with Africa Adaptation Programme in Mozambique is working to produce a unique guideline to integrate climate change adaptation and food security and nutrition issues in district strategic plan

Potential replication / application

The Africa Adaptation Programme, that is being implemented by UNDP is replicating the Chicualacuala process in 4 district from two province of Mozambique.

Additional information

  • Vulnerability Assessing and Adaptation to Climate Change. Case study of Mapai;
  • Vulnerability assessment and adaptation to Climate Change. A technical and Policy note;
  • Integration of Climate Change Adaptation in PEDD – A Contribution to the Chicualacuala PEDD;
  • Integration of Climate Change Adaptation in District Strategic Plans. Methodological Guideline – A proposal coming from Chicualacuala experience;
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