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Template: Lessons Learnt in MDG-F Joint Programming - Environment & Climate Change Window

The purpose of collecting lessons learned from the MDG-F JPs under the environment and climate change window, is to generate knowledge of successes and challenges the JPs have experienced and share this information in an appropriate format to other JPs and wider audience for their appreciation and learning. We would like to focus on technical lessons on actions and innovations that have made a difference to the environment and to the beneficiaries of the JPs but we are also interested in the means and ways you have chosen to implement the JPs.


What is a lesson learnt?

A lesson learned is a summary of knowledge or understanding gained by a positive or negative experience that has relevance for other contexts and/or is replicable. A lesson can also be called or can become a good practice when steps have been described in more detail to enable the replication of the process leading to the result. To understand better how to write useful lessons learnt, read the quick-start guide.

Instructions for use

Copy the following outline into a text editor (for example a Word document), then fill in all the sections with your information. Guidance is provided for the major sections. When your lesson is completed, send it via email to the KM Team.

General Information

  • Date
  • Thematic Window
  • Country
  • Name of Joint Programme
  • Title of Lesson Learnt
  • Contact information
  • Topics: Select all relevant topics for this lesson from the list of topics. You can also add a few more specific keywords.

Summary of the lesson learnt

Please provide a 3-4 paragraph short description of what was learned and why this experience could be applied or should be avoided in future and in what context it could be applied and/or replicated.

Context and experience

  • Objective - Describe the objective/ purpose of the activity that is the scope of the lesson learnt. Core question: What was the purpose of this activity?
  • Issue - Describe in 2 paragraphs the initial situation or issue that was the basis for development and implementation of the lesson. Provide baseline data or summary of needs assessment where applicable, etc.
  • Strategy / approach chosen to address the issue - Describe in 1-2 paragraphs the strategy chosen to improve the initial situation.
  • Implementation of the strategy/ chosen approach - Describe in 3-4 paragraphs the steps taken to implement the strategy / approach. Include successes, challenges and any innovations that were applied.
  • Challenges and Innovations - Challenges that you met and innovations that you introduced as a solution to the challenges.
  • Results and Impacts - Describe any results and/or impacts achieved, positive or negative.
  • Evidence - What kind of supporting sources are available which attest to the lesson learned? Such evidence can be quantitative or qualitative, and come from a variety of sources, e.g. evaluation findings, program participants’ experiences, expert opinion, etc. Consider the question: what is the evidence that the lesson was actually "learnt"?
  • Next steps - Describe any planned next steps in implementation or corrective action as a result of this good lesson learned
  • Potential replication / application - Describe briefly the potential application of this lesson to programming beyond the original context. How can this experience be replicated by others? Is the lesson meaningful enough to guide practice in other contexts (e.g. nationally, regionally, etc.)? Who would likely be interested in this lesson and what kind of information/evidence would they like to see?
  • Information Products - Please list (and attach where possible) any publication, web reference, other information product linked to the lesson.
  • Photos - Where possible, please provide photographs or other images illustrating the story above or the success of the programme.
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