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One very important process in knowledge management is the documentation and communication of experiences, be it a so called best practice, a lesson learned, an innovative approach or any other experience gained that could be helpful to others. By lifting these experiences and describing the reason for why the experience might be valuable also for others, the knowledge gained can be passed on and benefited from by others.

As part of the Knowledge Management (DEG-KM) in the area of Democratic Economic Governance - Water Supply and Sanitation, experiences from the eleven DEG Joint Programmes (JPs) were gathered based on a standardized template. The template was developed in cooperation with the MDG-F Secretariat and KM focal points of other thematic areas and adapted to fit the needs of the DEG-KM.

Knowledge management and information sharing form part of a continuous learning process. The experiences in the format of Lessons Learned (listed below) were identified by the JPs themselves (and have not been subjected to peer review). This collection of experiences also constitutes the base point for more in-depth exploration and further documentation.

Please visit the Wiki page of each Lesson Learned to read more!

Lessons Learned Country Language
Better water and sanitation services through a consumer rights based contract Albania English
Sistema de Información Sectorial de Agua y Saneamiento (SISAS) Angola Spanish
Multi-sectoral strategic planning in the water supply sector Bosnia and Herzegovina English
Evidence based identification of socially excluded groups as a tool for multi-sectoral planning Bosnia and Herzegovina English
Capacity development of municipal and water utility staff members through peer-to-peer exchange Bosnia and Herzegovina English
Estrategia de monitoreo de emisiones con participación comunitaria Ecuador Spanish
Encuentros por el Agua Ecuador Spanish
Estrategia de Gestión Socio Cultural del Agua Ecuador Spanish
Compra de la Microcuenca La Pandura Honduras Spanish
Formación de instancias locales para el control descentralizado de la presta-ción de servicios de Agua Potable y Saneamiento Honduras Spanish
Enfoque integral a la provisión de agua: Infraestructura, salud y cultura Mexico Spanish
Fondo de Inversiones en Agua y Saneamiento para la Costa Caribe Nicaragüense Nicaragua Spanish
Participación comunitaria Panama Spanish
Actualización del Análisis Sectorial Paraguay Spanish
Formulation of Localized Customer Service Code Philippines English
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