Capacity Building amongst the Mam People in Economic Water and Sanitation Governance

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The Joint Programme backs meeting the MDGs via interventions for the integral management of water in urban and rural areas of the Mam Region in Guatemala. It foresees the revaluation and contribution of the Mam communities in the design and implementation of public Government interventions through dialogue and favoring a public service management that contributes to ensuring a wider coverage and access to water and sanitation, but that also encourages the existence of resources and adequate availability. On the other hand, it expects to strengthen local Governments, especially common bodies, in order to achieve effective financial management. Articulated on three scales – local, national and international– it also intends to achieve outcomes in three areas, coinciding with the commitment assumed by Governments in the Millennium Statement in 2000: rural productive development, governance and combating social exclusion.

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Main Outcomes

  • Sector policies and regulations for water use (such as human consumption and irrigation) and sanitation defined and promoted together by the SEGEPLAN, the governing institutions and the local governments of the MANCUERNA.
  • Improvements in the capacity of the municipal governments of the MANCUERNA and the civil society, especially that of the Mam population, allow the effective and sustainable management of water services (for human consumption and irrigation) and sanitation.
  • Experience and lessons learnt from public, private and public-private management of water and sanitation reported and documented in order to transfer knowledge that allows it to be reproduced, as well as enriching public policies.

Main Achievements

  • Update and design of a National Water Strategy, and the National Potable Water and Sanitation Policy.
  • Delivery of portable labs, refrigerators, and supplies for water quality monitoring in the San Marcos and Quetzaltenango healthcare regions.
  • Establishment of tree nurseries in three municipalities of the Mancuerna region to improve production capacity and forest cover.

Lessons Learnt

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